Gordon Sapsed

I have been taking pictures for more than 60 years and won the Young Photographer of the Year award as a teenager.
My first efforts at bringing jazz-another passion-together with photography happened in the 1950s.
This SmugMug Gallery shows a fraction of the 15,000 plus jazz photos I have taken in the digital camera era.
It is dedicated to all the musicians and singers who have brought me so much joy throughout the years.
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2008 2012 2013 accord adam adam schroeder aframe alan pasqua alison neale allan ganley legacy allanglegacy allison neale alumni alvas showroom alyn shipton amy roberts andy flaxman andy panayi anthony strong back to basie band barone ben clatworthy betty bill holman bill holman band billy kerr birthday blues band bob bob brookmeyer bob carr bob efford bob florence tribute bob martin bob sheppard bob summers bobby robson bone bone supremacy brent fischer bruce babad bruce forman buck clayton legacy buddy buddy rich revisited budmanlevy cat conner cater charlotte glasson chase cherylbarbara china japan chris colangelo chris conner quartet chris spedding christoph luty christopher astoguill chuck redd claire martin cleo cleo laine dankworth company concorde curtis stigers cyrille aimee danny marsden darynn dean dave cliff dave holdsworth dave kelly dave koonse dave pell david david angel david newton david sills day 1 day 3 day 4 derek nash derek oles dick nash diego figueiredo don don ellis donald dean duplicates edna's 80th eiji kitamura ellis eric miyashiro ernie adams erskine final frank capp fullerton college big band gareth williams gary fletcher gene cipriano geoff gascoyne georgina bromilowjackson gerald clayton gloria cadena graham harvey grosz hamilton price harold mason d henry franklin ian bateman ian smith ibm ibm brookfield christmas 2012 jack jack jones jamael dean james alison wedding james morrison jamie findley g jeff hamilton jennifer leitham jeremy brown joe labarbera john chiodini john day johnny jolly josh morrison joshua morrison d julian bury kate thiroux katie brown katie thiroux ken poston kendall kay kenton concerts 2012 kim richmond kim richmond concert orchestra king la dec 2012 la musicians union lacma laji laji 2005 laji 2009 laji 2010 laji 2012 may laji 2012 oct laji kenton 2011 laji may 2008 laji may 2011 laji may 2013 laji october 2011 laji sinatra 2010 larry hamm leon greening lew matthews lighthouse lou forestieri mandel manfreds mark bassey mark lockheart martin martin wheatley matt skelton matt witek matthew ford matthias seuffert may maynard ferguson med flory menno daams michael michael gold mike mike barone big band mike hugg myjo nbjp 2010 nbjp 2013 niki harris ollie hayhurst outtake bistro pat chartrand patrick williams paul jordanous paul lacey pete pete christleib pete desiena peter peter caterbuddy rich 2012 peter erskine phil feather portsmouth jazz randy drake d ray gelato red holloway event reunion revisited rich richard exall reeds richard simon richard watsond rob barron rob townsend robby robert fowler robson roger neumann ron ron king big band ron stout ryan trebilcock sam glasson sandy suchodolski schroeder scott robinson scott whitfield selected shelly berg show simon allen skelton skeltonskinner skinner soton univ big band southsea stacey kent steve cotter supremacy tall small tamir hendelman tank museum terry gibbs dream band the hub three three in accord tim pleasant title tom cawley tom mcguinness tom owens tom peterson tonight tonight show band trudy kerr turnersims typhoon vail 2013 vail 2013 sunday vail day 2 vail day 3 woody herman